Your essential guide to taking good care of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are apparently one of the most preferred and popular residential windows across Dallas, Texas. Residents of Dallas highly recommend it because of its great longevity and reliability that outdoes great materials like steel and aluminium. Provided that Vinyl does not require much maintenance as compared to wooden windows, it is essential to take care of a few general guidelines to ensure it remains in best possible state.

While one must keep a check on any kind of window frames every few months, analysis and vinyl window replacement services can be done on annual basis. Let us quickly have a look at 3 essential points that you must keep in mind if you have got vinyl windows installed in your home.


  1. Window screens – One of the most important steps is to keep a constant eye on scratches or holes in the window screen. Ensuring your window screens are absolutely safe from any scratch is very important. Be sure to tighten any loose screw as that would prevent any kind of damage in future. Occasionally, do keep a check on the sliding tracks. Any sort of jamming or dirt should be resolved right away by spraying a lubricant and vacuuming. The easiest way to maintain the great look of your window screens is to clean them every week in a simple bathtub. Scrub it gently with a soft bristle brush and you are good to go with the clean vinyl window screen.
  2. Drainage – Water build up near the windowsill is a very common issue that one may face. It normally occurs while cleaning or in rainy and humid season. Once you have ensured your window screens are okay, it is time to check that there is no water clogged up in the window. The idea is to make sure that the weep holes in your window are helping the water to drain easily without any blockage. In case of any damage, it is highly advisable to get in touch with the vinyl window installation or vinyl window replacement services company assistant.
  3. Lubrication – Seemingly all windows comprise of many moving metal parts which help in functioning of windows quite smoothly. Any disturbance or jamming in moving of window sliders or doors call for immediate application of lubricants to get back to smooth working order. Consult a specialist if you are confused about what lubricant would suit your window in the best possible way. A specialised help may help you glide through the situation smoothly. Ensure to clean all the dirt and dust beforehand with a cloth or a scrubber and then apply lubricant for prompt results.

Now that we are well aware of how to take care of vinyl windows, it is also important to understand how these windows are of high benefits.


  • Versatile – Vinyl windows surprisingly come in all shapes and styles. You may get any shape or style as per the aesthetics and décor of your home to ensure it corresponds with your taste greatly. You may go for modular ones, vintage ones or whatever that highly suits your preference.
  • Energy Efficient – Vinyl is known to keep the home cooler in the scorching heat and warm in the chilly winters because of its great window insulation properties. While other material aren’t as energy efficient as vinyl, it helps in great cost cutting.
  • Longevity – Most window materials are known to wear off with time. They may lose their charm and appeal as they age and tend to deteriorate not only in looks but also in quality. As great as it may sound, such is not the case with the vinyl windows.
  • Adaptable – As discussed earlier, Vinyl windows are known for its great looks and quality no matter what the weather is. That means it is highly adaptable to all kinds of weather while staying in a great static shape.

Dallas Glass Family is one of the most sought-after glass companies based in Texas that provides finest quality of glass for your residence. Serving its customers for over 10 years, they provide amazing vinyl window replacement services that are great value for money. If you are looking forward to getting a new set of vinyl windows for your home, it is time to set up a quick appointment with the professionals at Dallas Glass Family and enhance the beauty of your home.


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