Your detailed guide to buying the right glass tabletops

There is absolutely something about glass décor that cannot be described into words. It has a sensual feel to it that gives your home a sophisticated rich look in an instant. Whether it is a glass table, glass windows, glass doors, or any other glass décor, it leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of viewers. The evergreen beauty of glass is the reason why glass table tops are highly preferred by people for a chic and classy interior furniture design options.

People nowadays are preferring glass table top replacement in Dallas, however, they are still skeptical if it is safe to keep in your home provided glass is too fragile to handle. This blog speaks exclusively about if the glass table tops are the right choice for you or not.

Primarily, let us start by looking at the brighter side of having table top replacement by glass other than wood or related material. Glass is a reflective material that creates a great reflection of light and space. It is a great material that makes your room lighter, brighter, and bigger appearance to your home. Glass tables are highly recommended for the dining rooms in your home that do not have much scope of natural light.

Furthermore, glass table tops are greatly versatile as the makeup for a great contemporary décor material. You can simply place it over your wooden or steel tables to instantly change the entire look of your furniture. Glass brings about an amazing royal touch to your home. It also helps to protect your existing tabletop. Contrary to the belief, glass is rather stronger and durable than it is believed to be. It makes up for a great material that requires easy cleaning.

Besides, the glass table top replacement in Dallas is relatively cheaper than wooden table tops. Wooden tabletops are created with high precision over intricate detailing whereas glass is made with easy manufacturing without much steps needed. The finishing of glass table tops is rather clean and more stylish than wood that tends to wear off over time.

The most important reason you should consider getting table tops replacement by the glass is that it is affordable and much cheaper than wood. Imagine furniture material that makes your home chic and royal while helping you maintain your budget.

All that glitters is not gold. While glass table tops have more and more advantages to them, they also have a few downsides that one must keep in mind. While glass is not that easy to break yet spontaneous glass breakage is a common thing that one should know about. There are multiple reasons why this could occur –

  • While installing, some minor breakage may occur that would eventually lead to a major nicked edge over time.
  • The glass comes with a lot of physical properties, one of which is that it may expand and contract with temperature changes. Hence, if there is a sudden change in the temperature, the glass may break spontaneously.
  • During manufacturing, some faults may occur leading to glass breakage. The most common example is of nickel sulfide inclusions.
  • The poor engineering of glass is another factor that can cause spontaneous glass breakage.

If you are planning to get safe glass tabletops installed in your home, then it is mandatory to keep certain things in mind that will help you choose the best one among the lot.

  • Firstly, the glass tabletop that you are about to choose needs to have appropriate thickness. Speak to the specialist and let him/ her know the purpose of using the glass table according to which they will suggest you the right thickness of glass.
  • Secondly, you should opt for tempered glass over the regular glass which is up to 7 times harder to break than the normal ones.
  • Go for round or beveled edges than the sharp ones. Edges tend to hit at times and hence, it can hurt bad. Make sure you opt for blunt edges that may not cause any harm in any way.

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