Window Replacement Vs Glass Replacement-How to know what you need?

Window Replacement Vs Glass Replacement-How to know what you need?

If you are confused while deciding whether you need window repair or window replacement services, you can take a sigh of relief because you are not alone. That’s when you want to hire a specialized glass company that can help you with your window requirements.

The most common situations when people consider getting window or glass replacement done at their homes include high energy bills, drafty windows, leaks around the window frame, rot in the window frame, cracks in the glazing (glass), and condensation between the glass panes. If you are facing issues with just one window-glass, single pane glass replacement is a better option for you. Otherwise, go for window replacement.

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When do you Need Window Glass Replacement?

In window glass replacement, you remove the window glass from the sash or frame. It depends on how your window has been constructed. It is a better option when only the window glass is cracked or broken while the window frame is new or in good condition.

Homeowners prefer glass replacement when the glass in the sash is broken or they usually face condensation issues between glass panes. Glass replacement is a short term solution to the window problems unless you need single pane glass replacement or window sash is the broken and frame is new and in a proper condition.

Broken window and new frames can confuse you. In such a situation, you can get in touch with experts to help you fit new glass. You can also ask for the warranties they are offering on the glass replacement. When people have historic homes, they generally want to preserve all the antiques in their homes as best as possible. That’s the reason why you should get in touch with a professional window repair service provider who can help you in making the right choice for your window.

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The single pane window glass repair or replacement is usually easier and inexpensive in comparison to replacing double or triple pane windows. Glass replacement is a temporary solution to the windows that have condensation issues.  

When do you Need Whole Window Replacement?

In the case of whole window replacement, you remove the entire window including the sash, frame, and everything. And in place of these, you use complete new units. It is a better option when the windows are old inoperable, in poor working condition or need single pane window glass repair.

Where glass replacement is only about replacing the glass, the whole window replacement involves getting the whole window unit replaced with a new one. And to know, it is more expensive than simply replacing the glass. However, it is far more beneficial than glass replacement for a number of reasons.

  • Long-term Solution to Condensation
    Condensation between the window panes is a result of the broken or failed glass seals. Over years with the change in temperature, window frames expand and contract causing the seals to fail. When you buy replacement windows that are meant to reduce the expansion and contraction of windows, reduce the onset of condensation between the glass panes.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
    we all know the basic function of the window glass; block the outside air and allowing natural light to come in. But it is not glass alone that offers any major insulation. That’s why we have non-toxic non-visible gases filled between the glass panes and glass coatings that contribute to the window’s energy performance. Modern windows are designed to improve the energy efficiency of homes.
  • Update the Look of your Home
    Functionality is on one side and the home’s aesthetic appeal is on the other. Most homeowners decide to replace windows because they are not functioning properly. At the same time, there are many who replace windows just to improve the overall look of their homes, especially when they have single-pane windows and want to replace them with better options in the market.

If you are tired of your single pane windows and are looking for a company that can help you with single pane glass replacement, look no further and get in touch with the experts at Dallas Glass Family. Keeping in mind your unique window requirements, we will provide you with the best custom services at affordable prices.


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