Why Solar Screens are the Best Option for Improving Energy Efficiency?

Why Solar Screens are the Best Option for Improving Energy Efficiency?

In today’s modern world, energy prices are touching the sky. And when it is summer season, no matter how much you don’t want to but you still have to dig deep in your pocket. This is why most homeowners look for options that can help their home more energy-efficient. We believe considering a solar screen can be an amazing option for you. You can look for a company that offers window screen replacement services and get your old window screens replaced by new solar screens.

It is a well-known fact that solar screens can protect your windows by screening up to 90% of the sunlight. They don’t let sun rays touch your windows and hence, keep the interiors comfortable and cool. If you are planning to get solar window screen replacement done at your home, here are the reasons that support your choice.

  • Minimal Light Reduction
    If you think that installing solar screens, you won’t get natural light, then, you probably need to think again. Solar screens block 65-90% of UV rays that heat up your windows and home. If we talk about visibility, they only block 15-45% of visibility depending upon the fabric you have selected. This means you will still get plenty of light inside your home that will keep it happy and healthy inside.
  • Reduction in Costs
    If we talk about window coverings, solar screens are an extremely affordable option that you will ever come across. They are perfect for very large windows and even those that are oddly shaped. You can cut solar screens to fit your windows of any size and shape. They only need a simple frame and simple hardware to fit anywhere you want. Look for a company that can help you with your solar window screen replacement requirements.
  • Minimize AC Use
    It is obvious to mention that when your home will absorb less heat from the environment, you won’t need to run your air conditioner quite often to keep your home cool and comfortable. And you know that if you turn down your air conditioner even for a while, it makes a significant reduction in your overall energy costs. So, now you just have to get in touch with a company that offers window screen replacement so that you can install solar screens.
  • Superior to Insulating Drapes
    You might have heard about the insulating drapes that are known to insulate your homes and lower cooling costs. Moreover, solar screens are less expensive and they don’t contribute to dust in your home. What makes them an even better option is the fact that they are easy to clean and maintain. And because they block sun rays from outside and not inside, they are known for their energy-efficiency.
solar window screen replacement
  • Allow Airflow
    When the air outside is cooler, you might want to open your windows. But if you have solar screens, you will still be able to protect your home furnishings while allowing airflow. This will also help prevent insects from coming inside your home even when your windows are open.

We believe that solar screens are an amazing option for you when you want to insulate your home in the summer season. You will be able to save a considerable amount while keeping your home cool.

Dallas Glass Family is a popular company that offers specialized window screen replacement services by its professionals. You can get in touch with our team to get solar window screen replacement services.


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