What To Keep In Mind While Buying A Glass Shower Door?

What To Keep In Mind While Buying A Glass Shower Door?

A right glass shower door can add style to your overall bathroom design. If you have decided to buy a glass shower door instead of shower curtains for your new or renovated bathroom, you must be careful with your choice. Buying any suitable residential glass needs a lot of research work so that you can find the right option for your home.

The grounds on which you will be comparing different glass doors must be justified. Make sure that you compare apples to apples. The main reason for the difference in prices of different glass shower doors is their thickness.

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So, that clearly means that you have to do a lot of hard work to find the perfect glass shower for your bathroom. Let’s now consider the things that you must keep in mind while buying a glass shower door for your bathroom.

Type Of Glass Shower You Want For Your Bathroom

For every space, there is always a suitable glass shower door available. The thing is what kind of glass door you are looking for. It is important that you consider how the shower door will function when you are deciding the type of shower door to be installed in your bathroom. The space available in your bathroom, the placement of the bathtub, the supporting wall and how much weight it can support are some important things to be considered. Whatever you are considering, it is important that whatever shower door you choose for yourself, it makes your space look larger, more functional, and coherent.

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The main types of shower doors you can consider for your bathroom are:

  • Framed Doors
    This type of shower doors are made from tempered or textured glass and are surrounded and supported by frames. This might be one of the most economical options that you will ever find but it will look equally classy like other options. The frames add to the overall appearance of the bathroom and make it look more attractive.
  • Semi-frameless Doors
    If you are someone who wants to create the appearance of a frameless door by sticking to a budget, the semi-frameless doors are an amazing option. They come with metal framing around the enclosure except around the door.
  • Frameless Doors
    They are made up of tempered glass. These doors don’t have framing for supporting their external edges. They are a great option if you want to create a sleek, modern style bathroom that looks great with your fixtures, tiles, flooring, and the entire bathroom decor.
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Glass Type For Your Shower Door

This is another important factor that you must consider while buying a glass shower door. After you have decided which type of shower door you want for your bathroom needs, budget, and style, the next important thing to consider is selecting the type of glass. Tempered glass is used to manufacture shower doors, which is stronger than the standard residential glass.

You can find them in a variety of finishes like textured for interest, frosted for privacy, and etched if you like patterns. You can also go for a clear finish glass if you like the sunlight coming in while you take the morning shower. These are a cheaper and light-weight option for you but can be prone to scratches and can be in need of special cleaners so that they don’t lose their color.

There are some glass doors whose surfaces are protected. This type of glass is known as treated glass. You can buy them if you are looking for an option that is resistant to water, oil, and UV rays.

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Cleaning And Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are important factors that you cannot overlook when considering to buy a glass shower door. The framed glass doors require regular cleaning and scrubbing as they can easily accumulate soap scum and residue in comparison to frameless glass doors. Also, textured glass is easier to clean in comparison to the clear glass. And if you go for a treated glass, the cleaning will be easier again.


Finding the right glass shower door for your home is an important decision because that also has to do a lot with the safety of your family. And you obviously don’t want to risk it for some dollars. Not is everyone proficient in finding the best glass shower door for his/her home and because you don’t do that on a regular basis. If that is the case with you, you can get in touch with the professionals who deal with residential glass on a daily basis and can help you make your decision.

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  • Mindy Jollie
    November 19, 2019, 3:49 pm Reply

    I didn’t realize that there are so many options for the different types of glass you can use for shower doors, like frosted or etched. My brother wants to renovate the bathrooms in his house. He’ll probably have to choose frosted corner doors because of the way the bathrooms are designed. I’ll have to show him this article!

  • Luke Smith
    November 26, 2019, 7:40 pm Reply

    My best friend wants to renovate her unit because her mom will be living with her starting next month. They’ve been apart for more than 20 years, so this preparation is a big deal for her. I support her with this decision, that’s why we will remodel first her bathroom because weirdly, it’s her mom’s happy place. Since she’s on a budget, I think that framed shower doors are most suitable for her because it’s the most economical option. I’ll help her find a bathroom contractor that can give us the cheapest installation price as well.

  • Lyla Peterson
    December 28, 2019, 6:23 pm Reply

    It’s good to know that frameless shower doors are easier to clean than framed doors. I am currently planning to remodel my master bathroom using a modern design style. Frameless shower doors would really compliment this aesthetic.

  • Taylor Wright
    January 8, 2020, 8:53 pm Reply

    Wow, it’s interesting that treated glass is resistant to oil and UV rays. My wife wants a new glass shower door that lets in more light and has a modern design style. We want to get a new one before the summer. Thanks for the tips and we’ll have to find a contractor that can get us the style we want.

  • Charlotte Fleet
    January 29, 2020, 10:59 pm Reply

    Thank you for pointing out the importance of knowing what space is available in your bathroom when choosing a new shower door. My husband and I want to remodel our bathroom and add some features that weren’t there when we originally purchased the house. I think we should find a nice shower door that can add the features we want and work in the space we have available.


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