What to do about Foggy Glass Windows for Energy Efficiency?

What to do about Foggy Glass Windows for Energy Efficiency?

A lot of reasons can result in making your windows foggy. Before you take any step for foggy glass window repair, you must find out where the fogging is occurring. By finding out where the fogging is occurring, you can take the appropriate action so that you have clear windows throughout the year. Foggy windows don’t only look frustrating but also question energy efficiency.

Common Reasons for Foggy Windows

  • Temperature Difference
    If you notice that fogging is taking place on the exterior of the window, it is because indoor temperature is lower than the outdoor temperature. And if the window has developed moisture on the inside, it is because the temperature inside is higher than the temperature outside. However, both these cases are temporary.
  • Failed Seals
    There can be times when you notice that the fog is neither on the inside nor on the outside but in-between your windows. This happens because of the faulty window panes. It happens when your window seals outlining the window fail and allow moisture to enter in. If you have double pane windows, you better use a high-grade sealant that will help in preventing condensation from accumulating between the panes.

Mainly, water, heat, and age cause your sealants to fail. The puddles forming at the bottom of the window make your seal fail sooner. Also, when your windows are exposed to the sun for most of the day, it will fail faster than the window that stays in shade throughout the day. Larger temperature changes mean bigger expansions and contractions. And finally, if you have not replaced your windows for years, it might be time to get in touch with the experts.

What to do- Foggy Glass Window Repair or Replacement?

The moisture that occurs between the window panes generally occurs because of the natural and unnatural components. The natural components include rain, heat, sun, cold, and humidity, and the unnatural components include tint film, chemicals, and oil that cause the breaking of the seal. Water that enters the window panes gets engaged in a number of cycles causing steaming that accumulates inside the glass panes. If this keeps happening, it can create obscures and prevent clear views from the inside.

The most common solution that people think in such a situation is window replacement but that is too costly and not can everyone afford it. In such a situation, you might have to get in touch with a company that can guide you and helps you in making the best decisions for your home. The company might suggest you to get expert foggy glass window repair services so that you can get rid of foggy windows without having to dig deep into your pocket.

The experts are well-versed with the options that can help fix the problem. This means that the operation will result in clearer windows in the minimum time. Expert defoggers spray cleaning solutions inside the window panes by creating small holes in the panes. This might solve the problem for some time but it won’t offer a permanent solution. A permanent solution is obviously window replacement but it will cost more than repair. So, you better decide to get window replacement when you are prepared financially.

Where to Find the Professionals for Foggy Glass Window Repair?

If you are looking for professionals who can help you with foggy glass window repair, look no further and get in touch with the professionals at Dallas Glass family who have years of experience in repairing foggy windows. We offer customized services on the basis of the customer requirements.


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