What to Consider When Choosing Glass Shower Doors

What to Consider When Choosing Glass Shower Doors

It wakes you up in the morning. It refreshes you after a long day. It has managed to create a special place in your lives. We are talking about the shower. (What were you thinking?!) The shower has stepped up next to the tub and has become a focal point in the bath. However, there is more to an amazing shower experience than a pretty spray shower head and tiled walls. You will also want to consider the custom glass shower doors to set the tone for the shower’s overall appearance.

Why not take a look at what Glass Family has got to offer you? Here, our team of professionals makes sure you know all the factors to consider before getting your hands on a product. You can count on our expertise and experience when it comes to custom glass shower doors.

Opting for a glass shower door rather than shower curtains adds depth and style to your bathroom design and decor. We suggest you choose the frameless doors to elevate your shower experience.

Choose Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Perhaps, frameless glass shower doors are one of the best and the most popular bathroom enhancements. Not only do these harmonize with your décor but they also give a streamlined and aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. This is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a modern, sleek look. Whether you are installing a new bathroom or remodeling, frameless glass shower doors have many advantages, as mentioned below.

Advantages of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

  • Visual Enhancement

This is the most obvious benefit of installing frameless custom glass shower doors. Unlike traditional doors, this gives the room an ultramodern and minimalist touch. The glass is thicker and does not require a vertical frame for support. This focuses attention on the tiles and other design features. Additionally, frameless shower doors offer flexibility when defining shower heights and coordinating plumbing fixtures.

  • Less Overall Maintenance

Yet again, this is another appeal of the frameless doors. The glass fits snugly to the shower bottom, eliminating the need for a metal track. Though the metal tracks are seemingly small, these require regular cleanings. But with frameless doors, there is one less part of your bathroom to clean. Easy, right?

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  • Design Flexibility

The frameless shower doors that use hinges allow the door to open into and out of the shower. Not only does this add design flexibility for bathrooms with small space but it also frees up space that is normally reserved for door swings. This means you get a drier bathroom floor and a bit of extra privacy as rewards.

  • No Soap Scum

Unlike the framed shower doors that collect soap scum and residue, frameless options won’t keep you worrying about cleaning at all times. Intricate frames require more time for cleaning compared to frameless doors. Though these are expensive to install, they are worth it.

Are Frameless Custom Glass Shower Doors A Good Choice?

Without a doubt, YES! These add depth, style, and a spacious feel to your bathroom design. The right frame paired with excellent hardware accentuates and amplifies the appeal of the bathroom. The right finishing touches for your glass shower doors can create beautiful and cohesive aesthetics.

As lifestyles become more frenetic, it is a good idea to create your own oasis for relaxation. Frameless shower doors complement the growing trend that follows a minimalist and stylish approach. These are beautiful, durable, high-quality, and are easy to maintain.

Glass Family has been a trusted name in Dallas, Texas, for more than a decade. We are focused on helping you improve the look of your bathroom with various amenities such as shower doors, enclosures, etc. at reasonable prices.

Not sure what kind of glass you would like to use on your bathroom door? Contact us today and let’s help you create a stylish and modern bathroom.

Besides this, we also offer services including vinyl replacement, window replacement, solar screens, table tops, and more. If you want to replace broken window glass or install solar screens, let us know. What is it that you are looking for? Tell us in the comments.


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