What Makes A Glass Service Fall Under The Commercial And Residential Column?

What Makes A Glass Service Fall Under The Commercial And Residential Column?

We all have had our problems with the windows. Be it our homes or offices, the windows do carry the delicacy that when disturbed by climate, can become fatal. Most of the times, we indulged in removing the fog from window panes, the remaining instances get us binding to getting the cracks removed. Most of us haven’t had the opportunity to pick up DIY kits and try our hands at them because of our busy schedules, and that is why the best option to serve our needs is resorting to residential glass services in Dallas. 

Speaking of glass replacements in Dallas, we have the services of the Dallas Glass Family close to us and at our fingertips. Just a couple of clicks on our smart devices and we are instantly connected to the executive. Both our commercial and residential glass services in Dallas are met here and we need not require to visit a few sites. But before we step onto hiring, let us understand what differentiates a residential glass service from the commercial one. Let’s get into it.

4 Distinct Requirements Met By Residential And Commercial Glass Services

  • Strength Pertaining To Glasses: Commercial windows are structurally different to have a bit more strength than residential ones. When we talk of residential window replacement in Dallas, then list shortens a bit due to the exclusion of commercial window suppliers. Office buildings are tall and come across severe wind speeds, hail and rainstorms. The structural integrity is constructed to withstand harsh weather as well as provide an aesthetic look to the building. And when we look at houses, a smaller building with tiny windows are found in comparison to the former. Proper channels are put into formulation before constructing the two types of windows. 
  • Frame’s Size, Weight, and Installation: The glass frames are way larger in the commercial sector than the residential one. When we look at homes, we hardly have to worry over the frames of windows or even custom shower enclosures. But when it is the turn to meet the commercial needs, the size, strength, and installation hit different mainly because of the advanced and robust equipment needed to install these at higher altitudes. 
  • The Light Entrance And Capture: How many computers or electronic devices do you have in your home? Think of the number of computers alone put on one floor inside a commercial building. The numbers vary largely and this is what the commercial glass services in Dallas are always concerned about. The heat emitted by electronic devices requires a route to ventilate out of the floor. Above all, we have sun rays hitting directly at us and for more tenure during the day because of the high altitude. Hence, the high-performance glazing and specific material coating are done on commercial windows to maintain the internal temperature. 
  • The Installation Procedure: When you seek the services of residential window replacement service in Dallas, what do you observe? It’s that the standard sizes are made and installed with minimum equipment in hand. On the contrary, the commercial window is custom-made in probably 80% of the cases. Just like a custom shower enclosure, that is made to fit inside the varied size of your bathrooms, commercial windows are made to fit well within the building’s façade. These require craftsmanship, a high level of engineering and a bag full of experience to design the shape and shape it into reality.

What Are You Aiming At?

Now that we have understood what separates commercial windows from residential ones, we must ensure that we hire the right service provider that has enough experience of both worlds. Speaking of it, the people of Dallas have got the best of all.

Dallas Glass Family has a history and experience in this field for a long and our members are trained to tackle every situation that may come through. Your windows at home and office when put under our management attain the best shape and strength to combat the tumultuous weather prevailing outside.

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If you are aiming to have details penetrated to the quality and structure of your glass windows, call us right away. We are here to serve you excellence without drilling a hole in your wallet.


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