What Are The Most Common Window Problems You’ll Want To Avoid?

What Are The Most Common Window Problems You’ll Want To Avoid?

We expect our windows to perform well all the time because if they don’t, not only our homes will look dirty but it will be a safety hazard and reduce energy efficiency. Windows also have a life span and hence, their functioning deteriorates over time. They become problematic over time that the homeowners look for specialized residential window replacement services and get new windows installed.

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For many, it is not less than a surprise that the window problems are more common than they would ever think. We don’t notice the window problems until their condition worsens in the extreme weather conditions. Here we are with the most common window problems that any homeowner would want to avoid.

Double pane windows become foggy during the winter season because of condensation and seal failure. Moisture develops and causes mold growth and paint stripping. It hinders the efficiency of the heating system in your house. If you don’t take care of the condensation well in time, it can pose a bigger problem. The common reason for condensation is the broken seal that generally means you should get your windows replaced. You must try to improve the air circulation in your home by limiting the amount of moisture. You can also buy ventilation fans or dehumidifiers to solve the issue. But if you still notice water droplets after doing all this, you better get home window repair & replacement services to remove the old windows. When you install energy-efficient windows, you reduce the chances of condensation in your windows.

Window Condensation

Drafty Windows
Windows play an important role in making your home energy efficient. But if you see drafts coming from your windows, it means that your windows are not working properly. As a result, the outside weather in coming inside and hindering your comfort and stressing your wallet. When there is such a situation, the heating and cooling systems in your home might be facing a problem in reaching the desired temperature. And not only this, but these systems will also cause your energy bills to increase because they need more power to keep up with the drafty windows. There can be several reasons for your windows to be drafty. For example, there is a window that is not energy efficient at all or paned windows with seal issues. To sort the issue, get your window repaired as soon as possible.

Faulty Windows
Windows that are hard to close, open, or stay open are not less than a danger. If you ever notice such windows in your home, you better get them adjusted, repaired, or replaced as per the situation. This is a safety hazard in areas where the weather changes every now and then. You might want to keep your windows open to allow fresh air and sunlight into your home. But every time you try to do so, faulty windows become a chore. The best way to get rid of faulty windows is by getting them replaced with new energy-efficient and secure window options. This will keep your home safe and you won’t even have to pay high energy bills.


Warping or Rotting Windows
With wooden windows, you will commonly see this problem. On absorbing moisture, wooden windows expand and contract and cause a permanent bend in the windows. There can be different types of warping in the windows that you better watch out for including bow (warps along the window length), crooks (warps along the window edge), kink (creating a knot in one part of the window), cup (raises or lowers along the window edge creating a cup), and twist (distortion resulting in uneven windows). Rotting can also be a big issue for your windows. It takes place when the absorbed moisture sits for too long and damages the windows. It also forms wood-eating fungus on the surface. It doesn’t only make your windows look bad but also causes safety issues.

Water Leaking
When your windows cause water leakage in your home, it is a serious problem that you better don’t ignore. It takes place when there is a gap between the sash and frame. And you know better that there are many problems that can be a result of water leaking through your windows. It can create molds and if this remains untreated, the molds can expand beyond the window. Your walls and floor can also absorb moisture and acquire mold problems. And it is sure to take a lot more than just replacing your window. You can have to correct serious water damage caused to the walls and floor. So, it would be best if you get your windows replaced as soon as you see water leaking through windows. Look for a window that fits the opening better so that there is no more mold or water damage issue. For this, you can get in touch with window replacement & installation services in your area.

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Homeowners must understand that their windows are an important part of their homes and they also need their as much attention as any other part in their homes. So, whenever you need home window repair & replacement services in Dallas and nearby areas, Dallas Glass Family is the company you must get in touch with. We specialize in window services and will ensure that your windows are in the best condition they should be.


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