What are the Best Ways of Protecting your Glass Table Tops?

What are the Best Ways of Protecting your Glass Table Tops?

Whether it is your coffee table or your dining room table, scratches are going to be the last thing you want to see on your glass table tops. You might not be able to notice some scratches at first glance but when you do, ignoring them becomes hard. Being a wonderful addition to your home; you must keep your glass table tops looking good all the time. As they are versatile, they go well with all your interiors from contemporary and modern to traditional.

Apart from adding to the aesthetics of your home, they also cover and protect your furniture. But your table tops also need to be protected so that you never have to compromise with the beauty if your furniture. To help you out, here we are with a few tips that will help you in protecting your glass table tops without much hassle.

  • Prevent Scratches
    If you want to prevent scratches on your glass table top, you must never keep items on the table top that can scratch it. The items like toys, books, etc. that have sharp edges and rough bases can really harm the table top. If you still want to place your favorite books on the coffee table, use a stylish protective runner for the job.
  • Keep a Watch on Kids and Pets
    We all know how naughty kids and pets are. Where pets can scratch glass with their claws, kids can scratch glass with their toys. So, it would be best if you keep a check on your kids and pets around the table top and try to limit their access to the table top as much as you can. Use a baby gate to stop kids from coming near the table. And to keep your pets away, don’t keep your table near the window where your pets would use it to climb to the window.
  • Do not Place Kitchen Items on Table Tops
    We all know the surface of a glass table top as an important design element. However, it can be prone to scratches in areas that have high traffic like your dinner table and kitchen. If you want to protect the table tops as much as you can, you better avoid placing hot items like cooking utensils, bowls, and plates directly on the table. Strictly make a rule of using coasters and placemats whenever someone is keeping something on the table. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy eating at the table without scratching it.
  • Clean the Glass Table Top Properly
    When you are placing glass table tops on your table, you must be ready to clean it properly every time. We suggest you not to use cleaners and abrasives containing acid and ammonia. Do not use paper towels to wipe your glass table top as they can leave unsightly lint on its surface. The best thing you can do here is to use a mixture of vinegar and water and apply it directly to glass. Use a newspaper for wiping purposes that leaves no lint and makes glass sparkling clean.
  • Use Rubber Bumpers
    Though most of the glass tops come with rubber bumpers, if you get the one without these, make sure that you buy them before using glass on the table. The rubber bumpers have their own purpose. They ensure that the glass doesn’t slide or falls off from the furniture. This will also make sure that your favorite piece of furniture is safe and sound.
  • Don’t Keep your Tables in Dangerous Areas
    The best thing you can do to prevent your table tops from harm is to keep them away from dangerous areas. The protection must start at this simple step. You need to ensure that your table top doesn’t act as a barrier. It must not be prone to bumping people. Make sure that you keep it out of traffic’s way so that there are least chances of people dropping things on them.

Glass table tops are used from your dining table to the office table. In fact, you can use them wherever you want. And the best company for a perfect glass table top at your home is undoubtedly Dallas Glass Family. We have been in this industry for years and we will make sure that you get the best table tops for your requirements. Also, get in touch with our team if you need specialized table top replacement glass services at the most affordable prices.


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