What Are The Best Tips To Make Your Bathroom Guest-Friendly?

What Are The Best Tips To Make Your Bathroom Guest-Friendly?

If you are a warm and welcoming personality, you are sure to have a lot of friends and family who like being with you. This also means that you have so many guests coming to your house now and then to spend some time for you. So, that means it is your responsibility to make sure that the guests are comfortable when they are in your house. You ought to do every possible thing that makes them happy and joyful being at your home.


One of the most important things in your home is the bathroom that your guests will use. And that’s why you must make your bathroom as guest-friendly as you can. You might want to add shower enclosures, upgrade the décor, keep all the bathroom essentials, etc. in the bathroom so that guests don’t feel awkward asking for them. It is obvious to say that you don’t want to give your guests an awful experience of using your bathroom.

So, here we are with the best tips that will help you in making your bathroom guest-friendly.

Remodel The Shower

Having an outdated shower may make your guests feel disgusted. If you feel you’re your shower has become difficult to clean, you better get that remodeled. There are so many options that you can go for on the basis of your requirements, functionality, and budget. Custom shower enclosures have become quite popular in households these days. So, when it is about remodeling the shower, people want to get the best shower enclosure in their bathrooms. 


The custom shower enclosures don’t only separate the bathing space but also make your bathroom look elegant by adding to its aesthetic appeal. Apart from shower enclosures, you can also install a neo-angled shower that maximizes the corner space. Acrylic showers have also gained a lot of popularity these days for being stylish and easy-to-clean. For easy accessibility, you can also install no-barrier showers with built-in seating. You can also add a shower bath combination for the traditional style that all your guests would love. 

Improve The Lighting

You definitely don’t want to give your guests a dreary experience while freshening up. When you are done with remodeling your bathroom and installing your favorite shower enclosures, the next thing to do is improve the lighting systems in your bathroom. Bad lighting can have the same negative impression of your guests as the dirty bathroom. It is worth mentioning that doing one’s business becomes easier when there is proper lighting. When it hits the mirror right way, the reflection brightens up your bathroom straightway. 

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It is important to place lighting strategically in your bathroom if you want to make it a well-lit and functional space. For instance, there has to be the vanity lighting that casts no shadows on the face. To make the bathroom brighter, you can also task lighting over the bathroom shower. For a big bathroom, you can add wall sconces for the ambiance you want. For a better effect, you can also use a dimmer.

Change The Toilet

You don’t want to give your guests the experience of using an old, dirty looking toilet that you had when you visited someone else’s bathroom. Consider changing your toilet if you yourself don’t feel like using it as it is. In most cases, you might only have to replace some parts of the bathroom. But sometimes, you might need to replace your toilet completely.

If you decide to replace your toilet completely, you better look for the possible options you have. Just like custom shower enclosures, you will find numerous options to select the best toilet for your needs. Some options might also surprise you. From the two-piece toilets to wall hug and smart toilets, there are so many options available on the market for your choice.


Make It Comfortable

By remodeling your bathroom, improving lighting, and changing the toilet, you might have made the necessary changes in your bathroom. Your bathroom would now be looking bright, clean, and functional. If you want, you can make it more comfortable by adding a few finishes. You can add soft, high-quality towels to your bathroom. To maintain a fresh, soothing aroma all the time, you can also keep some scented soaps, air fresheners, and odor-neutralizing sprays in your bathroom.

Apart from these, don’t forget to keep the basic toiletries that your guest would need like shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste & toothbrush, and body wash. Once you feel satisfied with the bathroom you have created, you can expect your guests to feel the same way.


The above-mentioned steps would help you in changing the overall look of your bathroom the way you want. You can go for the best options available on the market as per your budget, choice, and requirements. If you need to get in touch with the professionals who can help you in making your bathroom anew, you can visit the official website of the Dallas Glass Family. We specialize in installing custom shower enclosures and other glass services to help our customers get what they are looking for. 


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