What are some Exclusive Window Cleaning Tips for this Spring Season?

What are some Exclusive Window Cleaning Tips for this Spring Season?

Many people believe that spring is an amazing time to pick up tasks like picking up the yard, cleaning out the garage, and cleaning your glass windows and doors. In winters, things get easily cluttered. And now because the chill of winter has begun to thaw, it’s time that you take up the important cleaning tasks that you couldn’t complete because of the chilly winter season. Allow those sun rays to enter your house by making sure that your windows are squeaky clean.

It is worthwhile to mention that your windows are no less than the front row seat to the spring season. It is high time that you remove all that dirt, grime, dust, and mineral deposits from the windows that have built up over the winter. Some people like to use commercially available products either because of their personal preference or the ease they offer. But this can further lead to the requirement of home window repair & replacement services because your windows couldn’t take the harshness of the chemicals.

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We suggest you go for green window cleaning procedures that will be polite to your windows and your pocket. Let us take a glance at some of the best window cleaning tips for this spring season.

  • Wipe Dust and Dirt using a Dry Cloth
    Cleaning glass windows is a tedious task and many of us don’t ever want to take it up. But that doesn’t make it any less important. When you are going to clean your glass windows, make sure that you use a lint-free cloth that is clean for wiping the windows. Start by dry wiping for dust and dirt and while doing this, make sure that you cover most of the surfaces. You must not start with wet wiping as it may harden the dirt and dust and make it difficult for you to remove the residue. Frames, rails, and grills are hard to reach areas and must get your attention. After you are done with dusting, use a container with warm water and a cleaning product. We advise using dishwashing liquid. It is capable of loosening any grim on the glass that could have built up on your windows. You can also use a window cleaner to give your windows streak-free shine.
  • Wash Windows
    It might sound dreadful but for complete cleaning, you must wash your windows properly. And you don’t even need some extra tools to do it successfully. You can use the best window cleaning solution that is not hard on your windows. You can either go to the market to find a suitable option or you can just prepare one at home using eco-friendly ingredients. For your help, there are some sprays too available in the market. You must understand that the purpose of cleaner is to act as a barrier between the window surface and the elements like dust and dirt that make your window dirty. With the help of this, the soil can also be easily removed from the windows. Use a microfiber cloth to do the cleaning. And the best part about using a microfiber cloth is that you can re-use it after washing. Focus on completely removing the dust and dirt but make sure that you avoid smudging. Also, make sure that you don’t use too much cleaner to do the cleaning. A little bit of it is sufficient for the purpose.
  • Work from Top to Bottom
    Start your cleaning from top to bottom. As per the law of gravitation, the dirt, dust, and water will flow down, so it would be best if you clean from top to bottom. It is also a fact that for shiny windows, letting the cleaner flow from top to bottom is a good decision. Work in a circular motion while beginning at the top. Work your way down and ensure that there are no drips in the areas that you have already cleaned. Starting from the ceiling down is definitely going to be a decision worth your time. As the debris will flow downward, you won’t have to re-clean or re-dust space. If you have a vacuum cleaner with an extension hose, get the cobwebs with it. But make sure that dusting is done before vacuum cleaning.
  • Drying up Windows
    After you are done with washing windows, it is time that you dry them up so that no residue collects on the surface. And so that the sunshine can enter your home all day. With the use of squeegee/microfiber cloth, you can reduce the time of completing your job efficiently. Wipe the window in one stroke and flip it to dry up the window. If you are only using a cloth, you must keep two clothes; one for removing dust and the other one for drying the surface. This will also keep dust away from accumulating on the surface of a cleaned window. Detailing is also important. So, you must not forget drying up the edges and corners for detailed cleaning experience.
  • Vinegar Solution
    It is not less than a bonus for you. Vinegar can help you in making your mirrors, custom shower enclosures, and window glass clean and shiny. Use a solution of distilled water with vinegar for the cleaning. To prepare the solution, use a spray bottle. Before using the solution, shake it well. If you see any shampoo, toothpaste makeup stains, go for spot cleaning with the help of rubbing alcohol and water solution. And now, you can use the vinegar solution for cleaning. Spray some solution on the microfiber cloth and then, wipe the window surface in a circular motion. Do all the cleaning with the cloth only.

When you have glass surfaces like windows and custom shower enclosures in your home, it is important that you take up the cleaning task this spring. It will save you money and make the windows look like new. You can also get in touch with experts to help you with the cleaning procedure if you can’t do it on your own.

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