Want To Know If Your Windows Were Correctly Installed Or Not?

Want To Know If Your Windows Were Correctly Installed Or Not?

Long ago, when you needed window replacement & installation services, you hired a company and had them put in replacements. And after that, you never checked your windows. But now you sense something fishy. You have started to notice that your windows let cold air in. You might have also come across mold growth on the sills. And the thought that the windows were not installed properly comes to your mind. We are not saying that they weren’t but there are chances that they weren’t installed properly if it has not been a long time after installation. So, now you need to make sure that your windows were installed properly or not.


Here we are with a few signs that will tell you if the window replacement & installation services provider did a good job or not.

Signs to Look For to Find If Your Windows Were Installed Properly

  • Visible Gaps
    Did you find any visible gaps between window frame and wall or sill? If yes, then it is probably a sign that the windows were not installed properly. For a window installer, it is important that he measures the windows before installing them. Also, the measurements must be taken from inside the home. It is no excuse that the windows are not fitting properly. It clearly means that the installer made a mistake while taking the measurements.
  • Increased Energy Bill
    Windows serve a primary function of keeping your home protected in all weathers. If your home is not giving the feeling of comfort it used to, it is a bad sign. Additionally, when you feel or hear the wind whistling, you need to consider what is wrong. What is even worse is that your energy bill has increased suddenly and you are clueless about what is happening. When there is a problem with your windows, home’s energy efficiency decreases and the bills increase.
  • Foggy Windows
    When your windows turn foggy and you notice condensation between the window panes, it is probably a sign that your windows were not installed properly by your installer. As a result, moisture also starts entering your home. Along with this, you will also notice that your energy bill is rising. In such a situation, you better get in touch with the residential glass repair services provider before things get worse for you.
  • Windows are Hard to Open and Close
    If this happens, it is the biggest failure of your window installer. Yes, homes take time to settle and so do other things. But windows operate smoothly even when they are installed for the first time. Windows operate smoothly and there is no way out. This is something that must be considered in the very beginning. If you find it difficult to close or open your window, it is a sign that the sash is either small or big in comparison to the whole window. This can lead to a number of problems in your home including air infiltration, leaks, and even mildew.
  • No Warranty from the Manufacturer
    New windows often come with a warranty. If they don’t, there is something wrong with the manufacturer. This is a sign that the installer might not have installed the windows properly or he is apprehensive that the windows won’t work as expected. There are many professional installers, who ensure that the windows have been installed properly. If you are dealing with an unreliable dealer, you might not be satisfied with what he delivered you with. So, it would be better if you ask the installer to provide you with a warranty.

If you want to make sure that you don’t have to suffer because of the unreliability of some service providers, you better get in touch with a company that has a name in your area. In Dallas, Dallas Glass Family is a trusted company that provides its customers, the best window replacement & installation services. The company has a record of satisfied customers who believe that no other company can provide them with such amazing residential glass repair services at affordable prices. If you want to replace broken window glass, you can directly get in touch with Dallas Glass Family and it will be done without any hassle.


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