Uplift your home furniture with glass table tops

Years ago, the trend of chic and sophisticated glass table tops took over the world by a storm. More than a trend, they became a necessity in every household, and everyone wanted to flaunt their unique designs to their guests. The meaning of great furniture changed drastically from wooden tables to glass tables and people learnt how they can instantly enhance the charm of your living room. While glass table tops are super chic to keep in your home, they provide great protection to your wooden surface tables too.

However, the Texas market is full of a huge variety of table tops, let us have a look at all.


  • Stone Table Tops – The latest addition to the list of table tops is the stone table top. It is a modern style that immediately changes the whole look of your furniture. Prepared with intricate detailing and stupendous designs, they are a great option but require utmost care at the same time.
  • Foam table tops – Did you know that foam was the primary choice of table top that was every invented? Yes, it is true. The idea came with its comfortability and cost effectiveness which also requires minimum maintenance.
  • Glass table tops – As discussed earlier, glass table tops need no introduction. Referred to as the most preferred choice of table tops by residents of Dallas, Texas, they are highly known for their high rigidity and chic looks. We will soon discuss how they provide a great deal of protection to your regular tables.
  • Acrylic tabletops – Most commonly known as acrylic plastic, they are the safest of all glass tops. Transparent like glass, they are super easy to clean and are highly versatile. They can be moulded in whatever shape you want them to.

Let us now see how a glass table top can help you protect your wooden tables to a great deal.


  • Longevity – To enhance the life of your wooden or any other table, it is recommended to cover your table with a table top. Table top replacement with glass has proven to be of utmost value as they help to keep your wooden surface away from any harmful UV Rays. It protects the wooden surface by handling any kind of prickling heat. If you are unaware of what UV rays can do to your furniture, it is equally harmful as it is to your skin.
  • Charming appeal – One can easily choose between a variety of table tops to match with the aesthetics of one’s home.  Available in various material, glass table tops are the most preferred ones. They come in various styles and instantly uplifts the charm of your home.
  • Variety of colours – Did you know glass table tops come in a variety of colours as well? Yes, they make your home look as colourful as you want them to be. It is a great way to play up with your furniture and make your look stylish at the same time. Now, cut the boredom out of your home with colourful glass table tops.
  • Easy cleaning – Easy cleaning? Well, the best table top replacement with glass helps you do that. Just scrub it off gently with a piece of cloth and look at your table top shine like never. Unlike wooden surfaces, glass table tops are super easy to take care of requiring minimum to no maintenance at all.

Now that we know how a glass table top can transform the appeal of your entire furniture, it is time to book yourself one for your home. Dallas Glass Family is the leading glass company in Dallas, Texas that provides a huge variety of table top glass replacement services in Texas at highly affordable prices. With over 10 years of experience and high customer satisfaction, the professionals at Dallas Glass Family are sure to provide you what you wish for. Book your appointment fast and consult their professionals to help you with the best possible services with finest quality of work. Their state-of-the-art facility speaks for itself and is sure to surprise you with great work performance


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