Super Ways to Clean your Frosted Glass in your Home

Super Ways to Clean your Frosted Glass in your Home

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People love frosted glass for a number of reasons including style and privacy. Like the normal glass in your home, frosted glass can also face issues like hard water deposits and fingerprint smudges. But you have the option of cleaning them with the help of non-abrasive scrubbers and non-acidic cleaners. In most cases, you don’t need to call residential glass specialists to get the cleaning done.

Frosted glass is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It is a great option for your home or commercial building for both the interiors and exteriors. You can find frosted glass in a variety of designs, textures, and density. You can add these to any type of architectural style and decor themes.

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If you have decided to invest in frosted glass, you might be looking for some super ways to clean them because that is why you are here. So, here we are here with the best ways.

  • Cleaning Spray

You don’t have to buy any cheap window cleaner because there are some dedicated frosted window cleaning sprays available in the market. You better make sure that you stay away from harsh cleaners that won’t do any good to your windows. Look for a commercial, ammonia-based frosted glass cleaner. If possible, you may also prepare a cleaner at home using a solution of an equal amount of water and vinegar.

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  • Clearing Hard Water Stains

If you are planning to get frosted glass in your home, you must know that the glass can get hard water stains from things like water blasters and sprinklers. Even your glass shower doors can get affected. The best thing you can do for your interior frosted glass is to squeegee the glass after you are done showering. And to clean the exterior glass, you can use a paste of baking soda and vinegar.

  • Cleaning Yellow Frosted Glass

The frosted glass becomes yellow because of the accumulation of infrequent cleanings and dirt. You can use a soft sponge dipped in vinegar and water solution to do the cleaning.

  • Follow a Regular Cleaning Routine

The most common reason why your frosted glass windows get dirty is that they don’t follow a proper cleaning routine. If you develop a habit of keeping your frosted glass clean every now and then, you will hardly have to deal with stubborn stains.

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  • Don’t Scratch the Glass Surface

While cleaning and drying up frosted glass, you must only use clean paper towels and microfiber cloths. If possible, you can also use a crumpled newspaper.

Frosted glass is an amazing investment that you can make to enhance the aesthetics and value of your home. In Dallas, you can get in touch with Dallas Glass Family, a popular company known for its home glass repair services, if you are looking for expert advice. We also offer foggy glass window repair and other residential glass services that you may need. Visit our official website for more information.


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