How You Can Choose The Perfect Impact-Resistant Glass For Your Home?

How You Can Choose The Perfect Impact-Resistant Glass For Your Home?

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You never know when the winds reach their extreme speeds and cause serious damage to your home that you might not even be prepared for. Most of all the windows in your home are vulnerable to getting damaged by the flying debris that comes along with the high-speed winds as this can be thrown really hard onto your residential window glass.


If you live in an area that is prone to high winds, you must choose impact-resistant glass for your home. If you can choose the right impact-resistant glass for your home, you can protect it from getting damaged when strong winds arrive.

What to Choose- Insulated or Non-Insulated?

This is the first thing that you must determine when you have decided to invest in impact-resistant glass for your home. Find out if you want insulated or non-insulated windows.


It is noteworthy that impact-resistant glass is made up of two glass sheets that are bonded together with the help of a strong protective interior layer. This is the same construction that is used to manufacture the windshield of your car. But the layers of this glass are thicker to maximize the protection against impact.

You can take the protection to the next level by investing in insulated glass for an extra measure of protection. For the insulation purpose, a third layer of glass is sandwiched between the existing two layers. The empty air spaces between the glass panes are filled with gases so that no heat and noise transfer takes place within your home.

Choosing the Right Coating Material for You

Once you have chosen whether you want insulated or non-insulated windows, the next step is to decide the type of coating you want your windows to be treated with. Tints and low-energy coatings are the most commonly used options.


Tints are available in a number of color options and all these colors have got to serve a different function. If you want to reduce the penetration of heat and light into your home, you must go for grey or bronze tint. And if you want more natural light to enter your home but want to avoid heat transfer, blue or green coatings are the best option for you. Before you choose a coating for you, you must know that the coating will slightly alter the appearance of images when viewed from your home’s interiors.

Low-energy coatings are your other option when you are choosing a coating option for your windows. This coating is applied to the inside of each glass pane. Such a coating can separate heat and light transfer. The heat energy gets directly reflected back into the environment while the light energy enters your home. A low- energy coating might cost you a bit more but will provide a clear picture of the environment outside the window.


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  • Taylor Hansen
    December 14, 2020, 9:29 pm Reply

    I appreciate the advice about using a third layer of glass for insulation purposes or for impact-resistant glass. My wife and I want to install impact-resistant windows to our house since we’ve heard we’re getting big storms this winter. We’ll be sure to contact a contractor that has a lot of different options within our budget.


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