How to Remove Scratches from Glass Table Tops?

How to Remove Scratches from Glass Table Tops?

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There are so many reasons why people love glass table tops. From their amazing features to easy clean designs, they are every household’s favorite. But just like any other thing, they are also not perfect. They are prone to scratches that may seem impossible to go. And what is more disheartening is the fact that because glass is highly polished and reflective, these scratches are more visible than on any other material.


You might be using glass in several forms in your home including glass table tops, windows, shower enclosures, etc. All these are prone to scratches because you might be using some edgy objects near them. Scratches can be in different depths and sizes. By using the right methods, you can remove scratches at the glass surface. However, if the scratches are too deep, you might need to get in touch with a professional.

To find if you can remove the scratches on your own, you will have to test it manually. Here we are with a few ways that will help you in removing scratches from your glass table tops and other glass objects.

  • Clean with Toothpaste
    We all love our toothpaste for taking care of our teeth and making them squeaky clean. It comes as a surprise that you can use it on your glass items too to get rid of the scratches. When you activate it with some elbow grease, it gives you an economical way of getting rid of tiny scratches in the glass. To do it, you have to first clean and dry the surface. And then, apply a dot of white, not-gel toothpaste to a lint-free cloth, preferably, microfiber cloth. And then, make some small, circular movements to rub the paste into the scratch for around 30 seconds. Use a cloth to remove the excess toothpaste and check for the signs of improvement. If you can still see the scratches, repeat the procedure till you see a reduction in the scratches’ appearance. At last, use a damp cloth to clean off all the residual toothpaste to get your sparkling clean glass.
  • Remove with Jeweler’s Rouge
    Jeweler’s rouge is a popular compound used by professional jewelers to remove tiny nicks and scratches from the gold and silver items that come as a result of normal wear and tear. Just like gold or silver, jeweler’s rouge works great with glass. It smoothens out the surface scratches. You can find it wherever you have jewelers, online or in stores. To use it, your glass must be thoroughly cleaned. Then, take some jeweler’s rouge on a lint-free cloth and rub it onto the glass. Depending on the severity of the scratches on the glass, you can apply as much jeweler’s rouge as needed. After the marks go, you just have to wipe away the excess of jeweler’s rouge. And at last, use some glass cleaner.
  • Use your Nail Kit
    With the help of soft cloth; make small circular motions to gently rub in the nail polish. The technique is best suited for the deep scratches that don’t get cleaned by toothpaste and jeweler’s rouge. You will be glad to know that your bottle of clear nail polish contains a few ingredients that can help you get rid of glass scratches and beautify glass without damaging, fading or causing any other harm to the glass. Spread a thin layer of the nail polish over the entire scratch using its applicator brush. It will fill all the grooves without making them visible. Wait for around an hour to let the nail polish dry. After this, wipe off the glass using a clean dry cloth dipped in nail polish remover. It will make sure that no nail polish is left behind on the glass surface.
  • Apply Metal Polish
    For scratch-free glass surfaces, you can softly sand and buff a metal polish product that can be bought online and from a local store. First, you have to clean the metal and wipe it off to get rid of any debris or dust because it can cause more harm to your glass surface. And then, you have to apply the polish using a cotton ball or clean cloth. Rub it gently into the scratch using a circular motion. Use a clean, damp cloth to remove all the extra solution to get a smooth glass surface. Make sure that you don’t apply any extra metal polish because it will harm your glass more than repairing it.
  • Scratch Repair Products
    If you find it difficult to remove scratches using everyday products, you might need to use professional cleaning products. Look for a dedicated scratch repair kit that is meant to help you in getting rid of any scratches like the set designed for repairing car windscreens. If not this, you can also use wax-based furniture polish. You can fill the shallow scratches by applying a thin layer of the polish. It reflects light quite well. Let it dry and then, buff with a clean cloth. If you can feel the scratches with your fingers, it is obvious that the glass surface will never look the same as before. To remove the scratches permanently, you will have to remove the glass.

In case, you find it difficult to remove the scratches from your glass table tops or other glass surfaces, you must get in touch with the experts at Dallas Glass Family. Having years of experience in the industry, we will make sure that you get the best services for your requirements. If we find the scratches cannot be removed, we will offer our affordable table top replacement glass so that you never have to deal with the scratches. Find out more about our expertise and team.


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