How To Clear Foggy Glass Windows In Your Home?

How To Clear Foggy Glass Windows In Your Home?

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Homeowners often have to deal with foggy glass windows. No matter what type of window you have in your home, they are bound to lose their seal over time. After the seal fails, moisture starts accumulating between the window panes make the view unclear. You may need to get in touch with the window replacement and installation services provider to get rid of the foggy windows. But before you do that, you must try some DIY hacks that may work for you.


Here are a few steps that will help you in clearing your foggy glass windows before you plan to get in touch with a residential glass repair services provider in your area.

  • Drill Holes in the Windows to Remove Moisture from Windows

This is a risky method of earing up your windows. In this method, you have to drill holes in the window to remove moisture from it. You need to remember that you can do this on a sunny, dry day when the atmosphere is free of moisture.

  • Add a Desiccant to Absorb Moisture

In this method too, you will have to drill a hole in the window and add a Desiccant to it that will absorb the moisture. This means that you will have to drill many holes to get the whole moisture absorbed. It is worth noting that after reaching the saturation point, the Desiccant will stop absorbing moisture.

  • Use Valve to let Moisture Escape

This method is the combination of the above-mentioned two techniques. But this method involves the addition of a valve that will let the moisture escape from the window.


After mentioning so many points, we would also like to mention that out of all the methods, replacing your window is undoubtedly the best one. You must call an expert to replace broken window glass if you want to get rid of the foggy windows. Dallas Glass Family is the best company that can provide you with exclusive window replacement& installation services in Dallas at the best prices.


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