Frameless or Framed Shower Enclosures– How to choose the Best?

Frameless or Framed Shower Enclosures– How to choose the Best?

So, you are planning to update your bathroom because that is why you are here. And we cannot think of way better than custom shower enclosures to freshen up your bathroom decor. So, how will you find the best option for you? Remember, there is a lot of hard work associated with finding the perfect custom shower enclosures to match your decor and requirements at the same time.

Before we discuss different options, let us take a look at the things that you must consider when choosing the perfect shower enclosure for your home.

  • Budget
    Your budget has got to play an important role when you want to buy a shower enclosure. This is the number one consideration when you are going to have some kind of renovation in your home. The cost of the shower enclosure varies significantly and the price depends on the details. For example, whether you want a frame-less or framed shower enclosure. And it is not just the cost of the enclosure but also installation and labor costs. You will come across a number of shower enclosure options in your budget. So, make sure that you pre-define a budget before you begin searching.
  • Bathroom Space
    It has also got to play an important role in you making the choice. The enclosure would be a static thing in your bathroom. So, you must make sure that based on the size of your bathroom, you must choose the size of the bathroom. If you are okay with the size of your current bathroom, look for shower enclosures that will the bathroom space. And because you are sticking to the old configuration, it means you won’t have to relocate your fixtures. This will also prove to be cost-effective.
  • Decorating Style
    There are hundreds of styles available that you can choose from. Even if you are looking for a unique shaped enclosure, you can get custom shower enclosures. Apart from improving the aesthetics, it also brings more light to your space. Out of different options available on the market, framed and frameless shower enclosures are the most common. The framed enclosures are made up of thin glass and the frame is constructed using aluminum. But the frameless enclosures are made up of thicker glass because they don’t have any supporting frame.

And now, you might be confused because you cannot decide whether to choose a framed or frameless shower enclosure. Both of these have their own positive and negative attributes that you can take a glance at.

Frameless Vs Framed Shower Enclosures

  • Style
    You will never be out of styles when you are going to have a glass shower enclosure in your bathroom. Both framed and frameless options are available in a number of patterns and designs. It is the configuration of the enclosure that differs for both of these. Framed doors are more limited. Sliding doors are the common type of framed doors. Frameless doors may come with a French opening with two doors side by side. You will be able to create a custom look with frameless doors. Both these shower enclosures offer a good view of the shower beyond. However, if you are interested in something traditional, then framed doors are a great option for you and if you are looking for a more contemporary look, frameless doors are a better option.
  • Material
    Generally, both framed and frameless shower enclosures are made up of tempered glass that can be easily cleaned. Framed doors are made using thin glass because they have a frame to support them. The frame is usually made of aluminum that you can powder-coat using a number of finishes and colors. This frame can be smooth or textured. The glass is sealed into the frame so that no leaks take place. But the frameless shower enclosures are made of thicker glass because they don’t have any supporting frame.
  • Cost
    The cost of both these types of shower enclosures depends on several factors like customization, size, height, and the glass type used. Because the enclosures are configured differently, one can find it difficult to compare the costs. In both cases, when someone wants to customize the enclosures, the cost of material and installation will increase automatically.
  • Maintenance
    The framed shower enclosures come with the track at the top and bottom of the door. This track can collect water and result in corrosion of the material or growth of mold and mildew and these can be difficult to clean. If you are getting this type of shower enclosure, you must consider squeegeeing the door after each use. The frameless shower enclosures won’t ever cause such issues because they do not collect any water. To prevent water spots, you will have to treat these with Diamon Fusion and hence, you will be able to keep them clean easily.
  • Installation
    For installing every type of shower enclosure, you will have to get in touch with professionals who specialize in window replacement & installation services. These can be either custom or stock items based on your preferences. While installing frameless enclosures, the task can be more labor-intensive because attaching doors using clips must be done carefully and properly so that the door doesn’t sag over time. At the same time, installing framed enclosures is easier because the glass is thinner and hence, lighter, making installation faster. In general, installing frameless enclosures can take up to 3 hours but installing framed enclosures may only take an hour. But that all depends on the size and height of the enclosure.

Dallas Glass Family is known for its experienced experts who have years of experience in installing custom shower enclosures. You just have to let us know what you are looking for and we will deliver you with exactly that. Apart from shower enclosures, we also specialize in professional broken window glass repair. So that means if a window in your home needs professional repair, we are the ones that you must get in touch with. We assure you that we will provide you with the best window replacement & installation services that you have been looking for.


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