DIY Home Window Repair & Replacement- All That You Need To Know

DIY Home Window Repair & Replacement- All That You Need To Know

Regardless of the type of home, you are living in, window glass is a common thing. Along with adding to the aesthetics, it also keeps your home and family safe from the external elements. This clearly indicates the fact that you don’t want to compromise when it is about the window glass. And you will call expert home window repair & replacement services whenever you feel a threat to the safety and aesthetics of your home.


When there is a cracked window or a window that is prone to air leaks, sooner or later, you will have to face safety challenges and high energy bills. There are some common window fixes that can help. So, if you are looking for some DIY home window repair tips, you have landed on the right page. Let’s take a glance at the best of them.

Replacing Window Glass

The best thing you can do on seeing a broken window is fixing it immediately. A broken window is an invitation to the unwanted pests into your home and of course, high energy bills. The window type is on what the replacement procedure depends on. But there are a few common guidelines that will help you in repairing single-pane windows. It also means that you won’t have to hire professionals for window replacement & installation services at your home.

If you notice some kind of rot around the entire window, it would be best that you replace the entire window and not just repair it. And you better don’t forget to take some basic safety measures while doing the replacement. In case you think you won’t be able to replace your window properly; you better get in touch with professionals for window replacement & installation services.

Here are the steps that you should follow for a successful replacement.

  • Keep a cloth so that you can catch any broken glass that falls.
  • Consider applying masking tape over the window panes so that the shards don’t fall and disperse while removing the broken glass.
  • Clean up and remove all broken glass from the window area.
  • If there is any putty or vinyl glazing strips, eliminate them while removing the window.
  • In the beginning, remove the largest shards and then, move towards smaller pieces.
  • Make sure that you remove all the putty and glass using a chisel.
  • After you are done removing the broken glass, it is time for dusting and cleaning the surfaces.
  • To the bare wood, you need to apply some primer.
  • Before you insert the new glass, apply a layer of glazing compound.
  • You will also have to apply another layer of glazing compound.
  • If you like, you can also paint the glass frame and after it is done move it to its original position.

We would also like to mention that double-pane windows are difficult to replace on your own. So, you better get in touch with professionals for home window repair & replacement services in case you have double-pane windows.

Replacing a Window Screen

Out of the other things, replacing a window screen is easier. You can do the replacement easily and quickly at home. You will be needed to pop the screen out of the window and keep all the required materials handy.

  • Start by removing and discarding the spline that surrounds the window using a screwdriver.
  • The next thing to be done is cutting and positioning new screen material to make it overlap the frame.
  • With the help of a screen roller, push the screen into the frame to fit the shape of the groove.
  • Using the same screen roller, you can also install the new spine into the groove.
  • If there are any extra portions, trim them using a sharp knife or scissors.

In some time, your screen will be ready and you can secure it back into place.

Repairing a Leaking Window

You won’t ever want your window to allow airflow day and night contributing to the energy bills. It is worthwhile to mention that if you want to achieve full efficiency with your windows, you can go for some repairs that can extend the lifespan of your window. Here is what you can do.

  • You need to install weather stripping around the frame.
  • If not this, you can add caulk to the window frames. Use a putty knife to remove old and loose caulk. To remove any debris that has collected, as a result, wash the window thoroughly. And then, apply a continuous layer of waterproof caulk between the window and frame. Before you repaint the window, make sure that you allow it to dry up properly.
Home Window Repair & Replacement Services

Repairing Rotten Window Sill

If you notice that a small area of the window sill is damaged, you can remove the area and don’t need to replace the entire sill. Here is how you can do it.

  • Cut the damaged section of the sill to reach the next layer of wood.
  • And then, cut a piece of wood that is a little bigger than the portion that you have removed.
  • With the help of screws, set the new section in place and sand down to make the area smooth.

We suggest you take up the DIY tasks only when you are sure that you will be able to do it without harming the environment and your family. If you have any doubts, you better get in touch with specialists for home glass repair services. If you live in Dallas, there is no place better than Dallas Glass Family for your home window repair & replacement services. We have been providing our customers with exceptional window replacement & installation services for years and we are sure that we will be able to provide you with exactly what you have been looking for. To get our expert services, all you have to do is visit our official website.


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