Breathtaking Small Bathroom Ideas that will Work for you

Breathtaking Small Bathroom Ideas that will Work for you

If you have a small bathroom, you know how challenging bathroom layouts can be sometimes. So, that means you need some really effective small bathroom ideas that work for your bathroom. The bathroom designs, remodeling projects, and floor plans for small bathrooms are different from large bathrooms. You might also get in touch with a company that specializes in residential glass to help you in transforming your bathroom.

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So, that means even if you have a small bathroom, you don’t need to worry. By finding a company that can come up with a solution for you, you can always get what you want. Let’s now take a look at the best small bathroom ideas that can work for you.

  • Mirror Walls
    It is obvious to mention that by adding a mirror wall, you can double the look and feel of your room. This is a perfect idea for your small bathroom that will make it appear more spacious. Moreover, mirrors are known for reflecting light. That also means that you can get more light from your windows and light fixtures.
  • Wall Mounted Toilets
    This is an amazing idea for your small bathroom. You can build a toilet tank in the wall space to save space. A wall mounted toilet can save both your legroom and floor space. In case, you don’t have enough space in your wall, you can go for shelving above the tank for additional storage. You can also extend the vanity top to create a narrow ledge.
  • Say No to Bathtub
    You will agree with us if say that tubs take nearly twice the space than shower enclosures. If you have the option of not using the tub, then, do it because it will open up your space significantly. There is no denying the fact that custom shower enclosures are a better option for your adults and guests. By adding a hand shower, you can use your enclosures to clean your pets as well. However, if you have kids and need to keep the tub, you better choose a low profile tub. With its lower height, it will be easier to get in and out of the tub. It will also make your bathroom look more spacious.
  • Frameless Glass Panels
    Most people don’t like shower curtains. They are difficult to clean and can also stick to you when you are showering. Moreover, they close nearly one-third of your bathroom visually. If you want to prevent this, you better replace your shower curtains with frameless glass panels. This is sure to open up your bathroom space and allow more light into it. You can easily install and maintain glass panels when compared to shower curtains. You can either choose to fix them in place or hinge them to swing. Both ways, you are going to save a lot of space in your bathroom.
  • Curbless Showers
    Curbless showers are among our favorite small bathroom ideas that can take your bathroom renovation to an all-new level. When you eliminate the curb around your shower, you continue your flooring right into the shower. The idea goes well with a stone slab, tiles, and concrete floors. If you like, you can also use an infinity-edge or concealed drain to give your bathroom a concealed look. And what is more beneficial is that you can clean curbless bathrooms more easily.
  • Small sinks with Floating Vanities
    Just the way wall mounted toilets save your space, wall mounted sinks are also a great option. They save the floor space and make your bathroom look more open. You can also go for a wall mounted floating vanity. To save more space, you can look for modern thin-edge sinks and narrow washbasin designs.
  • Go Vertical
    In small bathrooms, people often overlook the equal need for storage. If you cannot have cabinets on the floor, you can have them on the walls. You have so many options to do that. You can add shelves on the wall above the toilet, above the entry door, at the end of the tub, and everywhere else you find suitable. Go for narrow open shelves in order to keep the look light. We suggest using cabinets with glass fronts. You can also utilize the back of the door to add robe hooks or towel bars.
  • Pocket Doors
    Apart from getting rid of the tub, other important thing that can be replaced is your door. Instead of using an in-swinging entry door, switch to a pocket door. All you have to do is open the wall to create a pocket. This way you will also have more flexibility to place your fixtures as per your requirements. You can use surface-mounted sliding door hardware that creates a barn door or sliding door look.
  • Lighter Walls and Darker Floors
    It is important to be strategic with colors when you have small bathrooms. Dark walls make small bathrooms look even smaller. But bright colored walls reflect light and make even your small bathroom look larger. If you still want to add dark colors, you can have them on the floors.
  • What about an Accent Wall?
    If you didn’t think about it yet, now is the time. To add some color in your bathroom, use an accent wall in your favorite color. Add it to the back wall. You can either add color to the whole wall or add just a band of color. This will make your bathroom look more interesting.

When we are talking about the bathroom, a lot of glass and glass work is involved. If you are looking for a company that can help you with your residential glass requirements, look no further and get in touch with the experts at Dallas Glass Family. We specialize in window replacement and shower enclosures. You just have to let us know your requirements so that we can help your accordingly. For more details, visit our official website.


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