Best Glass Products to make Exterior Glass Windows & Doors more Secure

Best Glass Products to make Exterior Glass Windows & Doors more Secure

Be it your house or commercial space, glass windows and doors are an important part of your building. When you are using a lot of glass in the exteriors, it becomes more important for you to choose glass and glass products that can enhance the life of your windows and doors. Make sure that you only choose good quality products so that you don’t have to spend on residential glass window repair services every now and then.

Be it windows, doors, or cabinets, glass is used for a number of purposes in our homes and offices. There is no denying the fact that glass is used for a number of reasons. And the best part about using glass is that you can customize it in accordance with your requirements.

If you are in search of some exciting glass products to make exterior glass windows & doors more secure so that you can save a great deal of money down the road, here is what you must look into.

  • Tempered Glass
    When you care for your family, friends, and customers, you want to ensure their safety at all levels. With glass being used to such a great extent, fearing cracks and breakages are quite obvious. With tempered glass, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting injured by a broken window or door. This type of glass is manufactured using a quick cooling process that gives it a different texture than traditional glass panes. It is a tough and hard to shatter type of glass that can stand strong even if it is windy outside. It also doesn’t break into sharp shards, it would be less hazardous.
  • Laminated Glass
    Out of the different glass options, laminated glass is often the first choice for people for their homes and offices. It is made up of extra layers of glass for extra thickness but comes with a tough layer of plastic film between the layers, making breakage much more difficult. Such a construction holds glass pieces in place when the window or door breaks accidentally. Even it breaks during a storm; the laminated glass stays in place and protects your facility. It also offers some protection against the criminals and thieves who get to see a lot of things inside your facility.
  • Privacy Glass
    As the name suggests, privacy glass is mainly used by people who wish to have an increased level of security in their homes or offices. As the name suggests, it also offers a number of energy-efficiency benefits, makes people feel more comfortable when they are in your facility, and reduces the impact of glare and heat gain on hot summer days. It is obvious to mention that when you limit the visibility into your facility from outside, it is also considered as an important security feature. This is quite helpful for businesses where your competitors might be keeping an eye on what you are doing.
  • Glass with Security Coatings
    When you are looking for security settings, you must consider a few things like anti-breakage, anti-vandalism, and privacy coatings. They generally come with a layer of plastic shielding the glass. They are quite similar to laminated glass as both of them can hold shards together and prevent any type of intrusion. They are also very similar to privacy glass and come in a number of textures. These can be easily installed once the glass is already in place. And the best part about using this type of glass is that you can combine it with other types of glass products also. For instance, you can get an anti-vandalism coating for security and tempered glass for wind resistance.

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