Are You Aware of These Benefits of Glass Table Tops?

Are You Aware of These Benefits of Glass Table Tops?

Wood furniture essentially draws everybody’s attention in the room. Many people invest in wood furniture that is intended to last a lifetime. But the wear and tear, dents, and scratches are unavoidable. Also, keeping it clean is a daunting task. Though there are certain wood cleaners available in the market, some of these may leave a greasy film and some of them may dull the color. We understand that it is important to preserve the natural color and shine of the furniture. And that’s why we advise the use of glass table tops.

No matter the décor of your home, glass is the optimum choice to accent it. Whether you have got a sprawling home in the suburbs or you have recently bought your first tiny apartment, glass table tops are perfect to add to your home’s grace. These aren’t just durable new additions that add to the aesthetics of your furniture, they also protect the wood from external elements. Below, we have curated a list of benefits of the glass table tops that you may not have even thought about.

  1. They are stylish.

The luxurious and sleek aesthetics of glass table tops add to the beauty and elegance of your living room or kitchen. You can even customize its edges to give it a sophisticated motif or a fun and trendy vibe.

  • Protection against harmful UV rays!

Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs UV protection! Your wooden furniture needs it too. Besides adding an element of elegance to your furniture, glass table tops protect it from harmful UV rays which may eventually ruin the wood’s quality and luster. It also protects the table from scratches, stains, and water rings. Just make sure that your table can withstand the weight of the table top that you plan to purchase.

  • Glass table tops create an illusion of space.

Transparent objects often create an illusion of spaciousness by making the room look larger and airier than it is. That’s why glass table tops are a great choice for your home especially, for the kitchen and dining area.

  • Easy-peasy to clean!

Unlike cleaning the wooden tables, cleaning glass table tops is easy…very easy. All you need is a dry, clean cloth, and a gentle glass cleaner to keep your glass top shiny. And if damaged, these are easy to replace which is obviously cheaper than having to replace the entire table.

  • They are durable.

The glass used to make table tops is produced at high temperatures and cooled off in certain technological conditions. This accounts for its durability. It is unlikely to get scratched or broke, However, if damaged, you can contact us. We offer excellent table top replacement glass services for all types of furniture.

  • Versatility!

Glass table tops are versatile in nature. They look natural, presentable, and blend easily with different types of interior decors – vintage, modern, traditional, contemporary, rustic, earthy, and more.

  • They add life to all wooden tables – old & new!

Isn’t it better to place a glass top on your tables than having to give them a fresh coat of paint every now and then? It’s not only quick but also protects your furniture and adds to its beauty. Instead of hiding that beautiful table under a table cloth to protect it from any damage, you must consider placing a glass table top on it and let everybody admire its beauty.

And you know what’s the greatest advantage? That they are not so expensive! Now, of course, the rates may differ depending on the size, build quality, and brand. Nonetheless, you may be able to grab valuable deals. If you are planning to purchase glass table tops, do not forget that Dallas Glass Family offers exquisite items at the most affordable rates. Whatever the size of your furniture is and whatever shape it is – rectangular, square, round, racetrack oval, we have the perfect table tops for you. We guarantee that our products will never let you down. Get in touch with our team and let us help you with the best. It’s time to take your place from bland to brilliant!


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