An Ultimate Guide To Table Protection And Ideas To Its Replacement

An Ultimate Guide To Table Protection And Ideas To Its Replacement

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Did you ever realize the importance of wooden furniture in your house? If ever thought of, besides us humans, wooden furniture or any other material furniture adds to the beauty of the house and makes it look much sophisticated than a rugged unfurnished house. No matter how much wooden furniture makes your house look appealing and graceful to others, there is always this drawback that follows. Like humans age, furniture’s depreciate. Already said, furniture does depreciate and lose its value to the place where there is no comeback. To protect wooden tables, chairs and dining are customized table tops that protect the wooden tables and other furniture from facing unnecessary wear and tear.

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Being kept in a side and using it almost every time for your work is more than a torture to the surface of the table top. One affordable way to make your wooden table last its lustre is to cover it with a table top or timely table top replacement. They can be protected by the table tops made of glass, wood, stone, and acrylic plastic. There are unlimited ways of protecting the life of your wooden table and that too easily and affordably. Not just protecting the table is the aim of the table tops but also gathers many more reasons that help maintain your table for long.

Benefits Of Covering Your Table With Table Tops

  • Adds Life: Covering your table with a strong table top leads to extra life of the table which is obviously beneficial if you are close to the table. Suppose, your table is supported by glass table tops, it helps keeping the harmful UV rays from spoiling the wood surface and making it more prone to handle prickling heat. As much as our skin is affected by the UV rays, the same way are the non-living things affected.
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  • Makes It Appealing: The type of table tops you choose for your table surface defines the choice you have. Covering it with a cheap material would make it look bad whereas, using a stylish stone, acrylic plastic or glass table top makes it look appealing and graceful. Your home, therefore, is not made by the volume and space it has, but the furniture and interiors it contains.
  • Brings in Colour: You can make your house look colourful by choosing a colourful table top and bringing in an atheist look. The ambiance we create is what people see. Making the furniture fun and colourful is a great idea to make your house look fun and stylish at the same time. It cuts boring scenes every time you see the same place.
  • Easy to Clean: We wear clothes to let ourselves remain clean all day and then wash the clothes that get untidy after moving out. Similarly, when you cover your table with the table tops, they protect the table from getting dirty and therefore could be easily cleaned further by just removing the table top and cleaning it completely.
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Just so you know, table tops were a historic idea to save your furniture from getting spoiled or damaged or dirty. Earlier people used to cover the surface with a cloth or an easily available material. Over time, table tops evolved as a proper idea to protect your furniture from certain bad effects. Also, not the clothes were replaced but many recent ideas got over-viewed. Some of them are still prevalent according to the wish of the people. Though table top replacement is something to be taken care of certainly but is a bit minute thing to do. There are some materials that can help with the table top replacement.

Ideas For Table Top Replacement

  • Stone: Stone table top is the modern style tale top design. It is prepared with minute detailing and amazing designs. They are durable but require proper care.
  • Foam: Earlier, the foam was the main idea that was used as a table top. It is comfortable and cost-effective. Also, it can be easily cleaned with time.
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  • Glass: The evergreen table top idea is to use glass. It is prevalent for the table tops since long and because of its rigidity and transparency, it still looks classy and stylish.
  • Acrylic Plastic: Acrylic plastic is called a safer type of glass. It is transparent like glass and can be easily cleaned. Also, acrylic matches the walls and surroundings because of its transparent neutral property.
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Maintaining a table is not that difficult if taken a proper analysis of what works best for what. You can hire the experts at Dallas Glass Family to help you with your table tops without any hassle.


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  • Lyla Peterson
    December 13, 2019, 5:10 pm Reply

    I didn’t realize that glass table tops protect your wood from UV damage. I inherited an antique coffee table from my aunt last week. I want to be sure to keep it in the best possible condition, so I think I will invest in a custom glass top for it so it doesn’t get scratched or faded.


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