All You Need To Know About Foggy Glass Window Repair and Fixing

All You Need To Know About Foggy Glass Window Repair and Fixing

Beautiful weather with a slight drizzle is what everybody likes to see but nobody likes to get a hazy view, especially when you want to capture it in your eyes or cameras. Insulated glass windows are now being installed in every household because of the temperature they maintain inside and a view they provide. Every person wants to have a serene view when they wake up, when they come home from work or while doing chores at home.

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It is somehow refreshing to your mind. But sometimes you notice a bit of fog or condensation forming around. This generally happens when the seal gets damaged and moisture seeps into it, gets trapped and starts to condensate. Earlier this defect was rectified by replacing the whole window with a new one but now we have certain new techniques to help you with this problem.

Why does this Fog Appear?

Over a period of time, the edges sealed lose their grip because of changing temperatures. Extremely high temperature on one day makes them to expand and a rainy humid temperature the next day tends to contract the seal, thus losing their strength and the clay or any material that binds them together breaks down. Once the seal comes off, the change in temperature outside does the rest of the job. The moisture seeps in between the windows and due to condensation the fog appears on the window. The more drastic the temperature rises or drops, the foggier it will get.

Why not a new window?

  • A Bit Time Consuming – It’s a time consuming process because first the company that is hired will take the size of the window as not every window size is ready made. It usually takes one day to get prepared. And let’s face it, an instant solution is what everyone seeks for any problem.
  • Costly Affair – Why incur extra expenditure? A new glass window is generally 40% to 50% more expensive than this damage repair method. Not to forget the “extra installation charges” that a company charges you.
  • Time to Settle – A new window will have a new fresh sealing which needs time to settle. A fresh sealing easily gets broken if they are subjected to extreme temperatures. That is why getting that foggy glass window repair service is easy.

How to get this Problem Rectified?

  • Simply installing a new window, which of course is a costly method and not the most efficient way nowadays since new repairing techniques are available in the market.
  • The change in temperature inside proves to be the fastest defogging phenomenon. Simply, lowering the temperature on the inside of the glass stops the moisture from getting trapped inside. Hence, no condensation and no fog.
  • Replacing the moist air with dry air does it for you but it’s not an easy task. A professional service is hired to do this and that’s why we are here.
  • A dehumidifier can be placed near the window. It keeps the air dry, thus preventing the moisture to form around the window. The amount of fog that gets accumulated there is directly proportional to the moisture trapped inside.
  • A professional service can be hired if the moisture has degraded the seal. A hole is being drilled which relieves the moisture outside. The hole and the edges get re-sealed which allowed the moisture to get inside in the first place. Thus, your window pane is as new and fresh as it once appeared to be.
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Why should we be your Choice?

We, Dallas Glass Family, are here to provide you with these services. We not only aware you with these facts and precautions but we also provide you with the same. If you want the same bright light to come in and efficiently manage the temperature of your household, we are here to provide you with a glass window repair service. Not to mention that we somehow restore the same beautiful and a clearer view with it. We have the best personnel at job that will provide you the most cost efficient services. With absolutely no time wasted, we reach there and provide you with an instant solution. 


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