A definitive guide to buying replacement window screens

Window screens do more than just provide you a great picturesque view outside of your home. They let you breath. They keep you warm. They provide you fresh air. They let light in. They keep insects out of your home. Window screens are a great way to keep your body and mind in a healthy state. However, when these screens wear out, there is an urgent need to look for the window screen replacement in town that fits your needs and the premises of your home.

Though market these days is full of a huge variety of residential glass services and window screen material, yet the top 5 types of window screen material are –

Types of window screens material

  1. Fibreglass window screens – Majority of window screens installed in the premises of your home are made with fibreglass as fibreglass is highly flexible, durable and dent resistant. Fibreglass is also crease and corrosion resistant and allows easy flow of air in the house.
  2. Aluminium window screens – Aluminium is yet another window screen material that are equally durable but does not tear as easily as fibreglass. Aluminium screens are resistant to rust and do not sag easily.
  3. Stainless steel window screens – Regarded as the excellent choice for areas that are near to high traffic. Best part about stainless steel is that they are highly resistant to fire and corrosion. They also are great for great ventilation in the house.
  4. Polyester window screens – Polyester is a great way to keep your screens away from fade, rust and pet scratch. They are comparatively more durable than fibreglass screens and do not wear out easily.
  5. Copper window screens – If you are near to coastal or inland areas, copper window screens are the best bet for you. These screens are strong, durable and have perfect architectural touch to them. If you want to give your home a vintage touch, then copper screens are the right choice for you.

Properties and purposes of window screens

Great durability, appropriate ventilation, protection from insects and outward visibility are the only elements of a good screen. While some screens have a dull experience, there are other screens that look so clean that they are absolutely undetectable from outside.

Let us quickly have a look at different types of window screens that people get installed in the premises of their homes.

Kinds of window screens in your home

  • Solar Screens – Solar screens are great for providing heat and glare control in the premises of your home. These are perfect to filter sunlight and heat in your home. Solar screens are great for decreasing the temperature inside as they block up to 90% of harmful UV rays into your home and protect any sort of fading on your furniture, carpet and fabrics.
  • Pet screens – Pets’ nails can cause a lot of damage and scratches on your doors and window screens. Hence, installation of pet resistant screens is essentially important if you are a pet owner. These window panels are heavy duty and highly durable.
  • Privacy screens – Privacy screens are great for keeping any sort of visibility and privacy from prying eyes while keeping an eye on outward visibility.

Besides, it is also essential to know the different kinds of screen tools that are used for window repair like spline, screen rolling, flathead screwdriver, utility knife heavy-duty tape, and many more.

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