5 Differences Between Commercial And Residential Glass Repair Services

5 Differences Between Commercial And Residential Glass Repair Services

We all have had issues with windows in our home. Thankfully, we have the services of some great craftsmen at our disposal. Windows of the modern generation can now withstand tough weather conditions and are less prone to defects coming from the external boundaries. The question still stands at who do we opt for repairing our broken windows at home and offices? With numerous brands at our hand access, we do need to find the right residential glass service for our home and likewise for commercial places.

The following section discusses major differences between commercial and residential glass services and clears out the blurred picture to aid your decision-making. Subsequently, you’d be able to choose a fair Dallas glass window repair service. Let’s get started.

5 Points Of Distinction Between Residential And Commercial Window Services

  • Area Of Expertise: Although the names suggest the area of expertise, there’s far more to it. Commercial windows are meant to be stronger than residential ones. Since they are installed at high altitudes where double the strength is needed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, hence, they require men of high experience to set up the installation with proper protective measures. Workforce committed to commercial sites need more men, machinery, knowledge, experience, and expertise than the residential area.
  • Toys In Hand: You must have viewed more than a dozen DIY videos to fix broken home window glass. How many commercial glass replacements did you get to see? Was there a DIY tutorial for that purpose? The machinery required for installing commercial windows is different from that used in residential glass services. DIY kits look more like toys in the hand when subjected to comparison with commercial instruments. 
  • Casting Of Different Materials: Frame size, weight, structure, and glazing needs are all heavier in the commercial segment. This requires deep precision, and experience with delicacy to get the job done. Commercial window repair services charge higher than the residential one as the specialized equipment is needed for fixation, which is probably not required for the residential. Well, some of it might be useful. 
  • Installation: The best part related to residential windows is there is a ready-made solution available for every defect. Do you need a frame? It’s already there. Did the glass just crack? Well, you have to specify the size and it reaches your doorstep instantly. Not so easy with commercial windows though. The Dallas Glass Window Repair service comprises both residential and commercial attributes. The latter, which requires customizations, craftsmanship and a definite fit, is a tough task and more costly when compared to the former. 
  • Area Of Concern: There’s always more to study in the commercial segment than the residential one. With office buildings being large, and comprising of an indefinite number of electrical appliances, it all comes down to one thing- Pressure. Professionals work on maintaining a balance between the load and pressure that’s been put on the windows. Heat radiated from computers may get trapped inside if proper ventilation mediums aren’t supplied.

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Specify Your Needs At The Earliest

It narrows down to your requirements at the last. If windows in your home are subjected to fog accumulation, frame distortion, or failed edges, then this may get corrected by using a DIY kit. However, if the glass is cracked, then you must call an expert to do the necessary rectifications.

In the case of commercial repairs, make sure you are seeking the help of professionals since this is no fun playing with huge windows at high altitudes with delicate frames.

Where Do You Get The Best Glass Repair Services In Dallas?

Whatever be the needs, the Dallas Glass Family is up for it. We carry a team that is dedicated to fixing every single error pertaining to glass fixations in your home. Be it glass railings, glass window repair, cracked window replacement, fog removals, glass tabletops, and not to forget glass shower enclosures.

We provide commercial and residential glass services in Dallas, and we are more than happy to tell you we are now one step closer to you than before. A single click and our member gets connected to you. State your problem, and we have a solution prepared for it.


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